We are Andy and Melody Campbell and our family serves with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Wycliffe is a mission organization whose focus is on Bible translation and getting God’s Word to those who don’t have it yet in their heart language.

We support Bible translation through technology and health care. It’s cheesy but we like to say that we help keep computers and people healthy so that there are fewer interruptions to the work of translation.

Where is Papua New Guinea?

Papua New Guinea is located on the eastern half of the island of New Guinea which is just north of Australia.

What makes Papua New Guinea unique?

Papua New Guinea has a population of around 10 million people and is aproximately the size of California, USA.

There are over 800 languages spoken in PNG and 300 of those languages do not have any of God’s Word in their language.

How different would your life be without God’s Word? If you’d never read about God’s love, His power, His mercy, His sacrifice?

Join our partership team!

You can be involved in getting God’s Word to those who don’t yet have it in a language and format they can clearly understand.

We need people to partner with us both in prayer and financialy. Click the link below to get more info on how to join our team!

A glimpse into life in PNG...

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