Roads and bridges are always a challenge in PNG.  Many of our village teams need 4 wheel drive vehicles with snorkels on them as they have to cross many rivers to get to their allocations. 


Here is our current challenge:


Between our center and the nearest town there is a bridge that is collapsing.  This is the route we use not only to get to the nearest town but also to get out to the other major cities and for all of our food and supplies to get to us.   We have always had to be careful crossing it but now we have very cautious.   We have tried to fix it a number of times but it continues to get worse.   The poor condition of the bridge creates extra work for us.   For example, we aren’t able to drive a tanker truck across with fuel for our vehicles and airplanes.  So instead the fuel has to come up in drums and then we use smaller vehicles to move the drums across and then manually pump the fuel into our tanks on the center.   If a shipping container arrives for us we then we have to unload the entire container at the nearby town with everyone watching and take small loads across.


The good news is that all of the materials to build a new bridge have arrived.  Please be praying with us that the new bridge can be built soon.