Satellite Install

I just returned from a trip to the northern coast of PNG to a town called Wewak.  Two of us went up to install a satellite dish and some networking equipment to bring our regional center there online.  They used to depend on two different internet providers that they accessed via a USB broadband modem.  One of the providers would be down for weeks at a time and the other was so slow many of the missionaries couldn’t even download their email.  They would have to wake up a 3 or 4 am to connect and get a decent connection to check email.  Now they have a faster and more reliable connection.  The connection is still very slow compared to what most of you have in your homes but it is fast for us out here (512 down / 128 up).


This center is also a main hub for many of the translators located in the Sepik province.  This internet connection will enable the translators to be much more productive while the stay at the center.  They will be able to upload and backup their translation data much faster now.


BIG thanks to those who were praying for us during this past week as I was away from Melody and the kids!


Here are a few pictures of the install and a few from our flight back.  The last one is a picture of the center where we live up in the highlands.