Exciting News!

We wanted to give you a quick update with some news that we are very excited about! We are expecting baby #3, due April 21! Hannah and Luke are very happy to have a baby brother or sister as well.


While this is very exciting and we are very happy, we also ask that you pray for us as it is not as simple as running to the local hospital when the baby is due. Because of the state of healthcare in Papua New Guinea (PNG) our organization does not allow us to deliver here in country. The doctors at our clinic no longer deliver babies because if something were to go wrong during delivery and more extensive medical care were needed for mother and/or baby such medical care is many hours away by small plane, assuming that it is daylight and that weather is good enough to fly.


We are required then to go to our home country or another country that has adequate medical care. We have decided to come back to Southern California to have the baby so that we can be near family. We plan to be in the US from the first week of March through the end of June. Melody’s parents hope to be able to come up from Peru where they work to be able to see us as well. As exciting as all of this is, please pray for us as we try to arrange flights and all the details of travel, with the added costs, etc., as well as for a continued healthy pregnancy.


We are so grateful for each of you who support us through your prayers and/or financially. Please know that your support is an encouragement to us and we are so thankful to have such a wonderful team. We could not be here without you!