Five weeks of village living here we come!

We are now just two days away from our five weeks of village living. We
have learned so much about Papua New Guinea's culture and trade language,
Tok Pisin, in the last couple months. We have learned how to cook over a
fire, we have swum for over a mile in the ocean, and we have gone on a three
day hike. Most importantly, however, our love for PNG and its people has
grown tremendously. We are looking forwarding to spending these next five
weeks in a village setting and we look forward to the relationships that we
hope to build during that time with our new "wasfamili"--the family who will
look after us during our time there.

Please be praying for our health during our time in the village, for
spiritual vitality, for the relationships that we build, and for our kids to
enjoy themselves.

Thank you again for all of your prayers and for all of your support.