March Madness

Wow! I can't believe it is March already and that March Madness is just
around the corner! Too bad I won't be able to watch any of it this year.

We apologize that our updates have been short and not all that frequent. We
are limited both in time and by our internet connection. We use a broadband
modem to connect to a cell tower and even though the cell tower in no more
than 200 yards away the connection doesn't always work.

We are nearing the midpoint of our POC training course and our 5 weeks of
village living is just around the corner! We are slowly preparing and will
leave on the 25th for the village. Our Tok Pisin in coming along and we are
really enjoying getting to know our local wasfamili (the family that watches
over us while we are here in Nobnob). We have gone over to their house a
number of times for dinner and spent the night one of those nights. They
have been a great help in our learning more about PNG and improving our Tok
Pisin. Our big 3 day hike is scheduled for a week from Monday where the
first day we will hike to one village and spend the night. The second day
we will hike about 8 hours to another village and spend the night and then
the third day we will hike back to POC.

God has helped us learn so much in the past couple months. The people of
PNG are so wonderful and full of life experiences and wonderful stories. We
are so blessed to be able to be here and help bring His word to those who
don't have it here yet.

We would ask that you would be praying for us. Hannah has basically been
sick off and on since we arrived. She has been fighting various illnesses
some of which are because we are in a new environment with new sickness but
we also believe that we are fighting a spiritual battle. Please be praying
that God would keep us healthy.

Thank you so much for your partnership, your prayers, and for your interest
in our ministry.

Description of Pictures:
1.) Our Nobnob wasfamili
2.) Melody and I with our Tok Pisin teacher Tisa Bat.
3.) Melody and I looking a little dorky with our hiking gear on.
4.) Hannah and Luke playing in the rain after a downpour.
5.) Luke being the center of attention at our wasfamili's house.
6.) Luke getting caught up on his Tok Pisin vocab.


So we are nearly three weeks into our POC course and we are still alive! We
have been challenged in many ways these past three weeks but we have also
learned so much. We have been on a number of hikes and both Melody and I
have both swam 1 mile in the ocean. We still have a long ways to go but
each day we learn more and more Tok Pisin.

Pictures: 1) the part of the dorm that we are living in 2) This is the view
we had from one of our hikes. 3) We finished the downhill part of a hike
and are getting ready for the uphill part. 3) Here is Melody enjoying the

A Few Days of Rest

We were able to take a few days of vacation (or as the Brits and Aussies say
"Holiday") before our Pacific Orientation Course begins. We stayed at a
beautiful resort right on the water. It was great to take a few days and
relax to help prepare us mentally, physically, and spiritually for what lies
ahead. Hannah and Luke had a blast swimming in both the ocean and at the