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[Campbells in PNG] March 2015 Update

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** Still waiting Many in Papua New Guinea are still waiting for God's Word in their own language
Papua New Guinea has over 830 languages and more than 7 million people. Almost 300 of these languages in PNG are still needing a translation project started. This boy’s language group is one of these 300 groups still waiting. Please pray for the people and resources needed to reach these last languages! (Taken from The PNG Experience Blog ( )

** Our Return To Papua New Guinea
Our target date to return to PNG is June 21, less than 3 ½ months away! However, Wycliffe requires that we have 100% of our monthly budget met before we are released to return to PNG. At this time we still need $1391 per month to reach 100%.
To our partners in ministry--thank you for your prayers and financial partnership! We cannot support Bible translation in PNG without each of you!

To others who have shown interest in furthering the work of Bible Translation in PNG, but have not yet partnered with us, would you consider in what way you can partner with us—through prayer and/or through regular financial partnership?

New partners have asked, “How much do people ‘normally’ give?” Our current partners give anywhere from $10-$200 a month and no amount is too small or too big! Some have also started with what they can and increased their giving as they have been able to, for which we are very grateful!

** Addition and Multiplication
An old high school friend recently wrote us, asking if she could share our story with her Sunday school class in Texas to see if they will partner with us long-term! How exciting! As we've prayed daily for God's provision of these needs, His answer can come in surprising ways! God can
add to our contacts and multiply our resources through each of you! Would you consider these possibilities?

Will you be an advocate for us and add to our team?
* Share your passion about theBibleless people groups in PNG with your Sunday School class, small group, prayer group, group of moms, Cross-Fit or Zumba class (lol), and ask them to join with you in partnering with us in our ministry financially and through prayer.

Can you multiply your giving by taking advantage of a corporate matching program?
* "Thousands of US companies will match contributions by their employees to charitable organizations like Wycliffe. Some companies also match volunteer hours or gifts from spouses, retirees, and board members."
* Check to see if the company you work for will match your gift so that your gift can be multiplied through their corporate matching program.

Please let us know if you have an opportunity you think we should know about! Or another idea we can share with the rest of our partners!

Please continue to pray for God's provision in His perfect timing! It is so encouraging when we find out that one of you is praying for us daily!!

"Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’....your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." Matthew 6:31-33 (ESV)

** An Update on Our House
We praise God for the gifts so far toward fixing our roof and water tank in PNG! We are praying for the remaining amount and that the construction team can start soon on these repairs as our renters have let us know that more water has leaked into the house. The average rainfall per year is about 75 inches. And we can easily get 8-12 inches of rain in one month during the rainy season (December through April).
Thank you to each of you who have so generously given toward this project. We have felt your love and concern and greatly appreciate it! Please continue to pray for the remaining funds to fix our roof and install a new water tank.

We still need $2825 to cover the estimated costs of these repairs. We hope to be able to return to a dry house and lots of clean drinking water!

** How to Partner with Us:
If you would like to give toward this project or become a regular monthly partner you can click on the button below to give online.You can easily setup a recurring gift online for monthly financial partnership.If the gift is toward the replacement of our roof please designate
"for roof and water tank repairs."

Give a Gift Online (
Or you can send a check made out to Wycliffe Bible Translators with a separate note stating—“preference for the ministry of Andrew and Melody Campbell (# 213797)" and if the gift is to go toward our roof replacement please also add in the note "for roof and water tank repairs” and mail it to the following address:

Wycliffe Bible Translators
P.O. Box 628200
Orlando, FL 32862-8200
Please let us know if you plan to partner with us monthly so that we can accurately assess the remaining need.
Please consider investing in the work of Bible translation by partnering with us.
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Andrew: (714) 273-7002
Melody: (714) 299-5958

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Financial Gifts:
Wycliffe Bible Translators
P.O. Box 628200
Orlando, FL 32862-8200

Please make checks out to Wycliffe Bible Translators and include a separate note stating: Preference for the Wycliffe ministry of Andrew and Melody Campbell, #213797.

[Campbells in PNG] House Update - Feb 2015

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the campbells


Supporting Bible translation in Papua New Guinea through
computer support and health care

An Update on Our House...

Some of you have asked how much is needed to repair our roof in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and we can now answer that! In our last update we let you know that the roof on our house in PNG needs to be replaced. It is old, rusty, and it is currently leaking when it rains hard. It is rainy season there, so more heavy rains are expected.

Our construction team in PNG has evaluated the work that needs to be done and has estimated that it will cost a total of $8000 (USD) to replace the roof and make other needed repairs. We have found out that our rain water tanks will need to be replaced as well (our source of drinking water), so that cost is included.  More details about this project can be found below. We have already received a number of gifts totaling $2000 toward these repairs and so the remaining need to complete this project is $6000.

Thank you so much to those of you who have given already to help us with these repairs!  We would appreciate your continued prayers for the remaining funds to complete this project and for the right timing, taking into account our renters (and the pounding over their heads that it would mean), and the schedule of our already overly-busy construction team. At this time they are projecting that they may not be able to work on our house until April. Thankfully there have not been any more heavy rains since the original incident so leakage has been minimal!

If you would like to give toward this project:

You can click on the button below to give online, as usual, and click on the "add instructions" option to add a note stating that the gift is "for roof and water tank repairs."

Give a Gift Online

Or you can send a check made out to Wycliffe Bible Translators with a separate note stating—“preference for the ministry of Andrew and Melody Campbell (# 213797) for roof and water tank repairs” and mail it to the following address:

Wycliffe Bible Translators
P.O. Box 628200
Orlando, FL 32862-8200

Additional Details of the Project:

Above are pictures of our roof and our current water tanks. The roofing iron (metal sheets that make up our roof) need to be replaced. The pitch/angle of the roof also needs to be increased to improve water flow off the roof and prevent leaking like this again. This necessitates a change to the location of our rain water tanks--our only source of drinking water--to the lower side of our sloped yard so that we can collect rain water off of the entire roof. Our current water tanks are old and leaking and we knew they would need to be replaced soon. We are told that they will not hold up to a move to a new location, and that a new tank is needed now. Our two existing metal water tanks (which held a total of 7570 liters) will be replaced with a new single 9500-liter plastic tank and placed on the lower side of the house.This will allow us to collect and store more drinking water than before with less rust than before!

If you would like further details about this project please feel free to email us.

Please consider investing in the work of Bible translation by partnering with us.

Partner with us!

[Campbells in PNG] January 2015 Update

[Campbells in PNG] January 2015 Update

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the campbells


Supporting Bible translation in Papua New Guinea through
computer support and health care

Happy New Year!

2014 was a wonderFULL year and we look forward to what God has in store this new year!

2014 Recap:

January-May: continued working in PNG, preparing/packing for our return to the US (March 20--Andrew turned 33; April 15--Eden turned 2). June: returned to California, kids adjusted to wearing "real shoes" not just Crocs all the time. July-August: moved into the missions house in Brea; attended re-entry program in Orlando; visited Mel's brother, Jonathan, and kids in South Carolina (August 10--Hannah turned 7). September: kids started public school for the first time (September 19--Luke turned 5). October: spoke at many churches and some universities. November: more speaking engagements; met our new nephew--Levi Scott Campbell; visited Melody's brother, Jeremy, and family in Texas; HAD REAL TURKEY FOR THANKSGIVING! December: said good-bye to Grandpa Norm Campbell; Melody's parents returned to the US; time with Campbells and Swifts; opened presents 4 different times! Kids got to play in the snow!! (December 11--Melody turned 34)

At the Assemblies of God missions Christmas dinner.

Campbell cousins!

Financial Update:

We reported to you in our last update that we needed an additional $1500 in monthly support in order to be cleared to return to PNG. Our remaining monthly financial need has gone down from $1500 to $1348 thanks to new financial partners and some who have been able to increase their monthly commitment! Thank you so much for your partnership with us!

Good-bye to a Hero

We were saddened by the loss of Andrew's grandpa, Norm Campbell, on December 12, but also rejoice that he went to be with His Savior whom he served all of his life. Grandpa was an example to all who knew him of trusting God and living for Him whole-heatedly. He and Grandma (who went to be with the Lord 2 1/2 years ago) were an encouragement and inspiration us, as they served God's call to missions their whole lives.

Additional Financial Need

The roof on our house in PNG needs to be replaced as soon as possible. We have been notified that it is leaking badly, collecting in the ceilings and pouring down into the house in some places when it rains hard. It is the beginning of rainy season there, so there will be many more heavy rains. We praise God for some extra gifts this month that we can put toward it, and we are praying for God's provision for the remaining amount so that it can be repaired as soon as possible before more damage to our home is done. We will keep you updated.


  • Our remaining monthly financial need has gone down from $1500 to $1348.
  • Andrew passed the second of two computer network certification exams he planned to take.
  • God sustained us through a busy speaking schedule in October/November.
  • For wonderful, refreshing time with family over the holidays. What a blessing to be with family!


  • For the remaining $1348 in monthly financial partnerships that we need in order to return to PNG.
  • For the funds to replace the roof on our house in PNG so that more damage is not done to the house during the current heavy rainy season there.
  • That God would continue to speak through us as we share at churches and Christian Universities about Wycliffe Bible Translators—that God would use us to call more onto the mission field!

Want to see what we do in Papua New Guinea?

Click below for a short video on each of our roles:

Click here for video

Another Satellite Install

Last week I spent 3 days in in the capital city, Port Moresby, to install a satellite dish for internet access at our offices there.  Because our internet was down at the center the other tech who was planning on going with me needed to stay back.   So I was flying solo.  If there is one thing that I have learned about doing IT work in PNG is that you have to be flexible as things hardly ever go according to plan.  This was supposed to be an easy install but it turns out I couldn’t get the dish to connect properly with our internet provider in Singapore and spent most of the time troubleshooting with them.  Not to mention that one day the power was out and their generator wouldn’t start.   After about 3 hours, charged batteries, and oil it did finally start but I lost most of the morning.  I was able to get all the cabling done and so we are one step closer to bringing them online.


Lesson learned: do the best with what you have and make the most out of it.  Things won’t always go the way you planned and many times things will be out of your control, such is life.


Pray with us that we will soon be able to provide reliable internet to our center in Port Moresby.


Roads and bridges are always a challenge in PNG.  Many of our village teams need 4 wheel drive vehicles with snorkels on them as they have to cross many rivers to get to their allocations. 


Here is our current challenge:


Between our center and the nearest town there is a bridge that is collapsing.  This is the route we use not only to get to the nearest town but also to get out to the other major cities and for all of our food and supplies to get to us.   We have always had to be careful crossing it but now we have very cautious.   We have tried to fix it a number of times but it continues to get worse.   The poor condition of the bridge creates extra work for us.   For example, we aren’t able to drive a tanker truck across with fuel for our vehicles and airplanes.  So instead the fuel has to come up in drums and then we use smaller vehicles to move the drums across and then manually pump the fuel into our tanks on the center.   If a shipping container arrives for us we then we have to unload the entire container at the nearby town with everyone watching and take small loads across.


The good news is that all of the materials to build a new bridge have arrived.  Please be praying with us that the new bridge can be built soon.

Satellite Install

I just returned from a trip to the northern coast of PNG to a town called Wewak.  Two of us went up to install a satellite dish and some networking equipment to bring our regional center there online.  They used to depend on two different internet providers that they accessed via a USB broadband modem.  One of the providers would be down for weeks at a time and the other was so slow many of the missionaries couldn’t even download their email.  They would have to wake up a 3 or 4 am to connect and get a decent connection to check email.  Now they have a faster and more reliable connection.  The connection is still very slow compared to what most of you have in your homes but it is fast for us out here (512 down / 128 up).


This center is also a main hub for many of the translators located in the Sepik province.  This internet connection will enable the translators to be much more productive while the stay at the center.  They will be able to upload and backup their translation data much faster now.


BIG thanks to those who were praying for us during this past week as I was away from Melody and the kids!


Here are a few pictures of the install and a few from our flight back.  The last one is a picture of the center where we live up in the highlands.

Exciting News!

We wanted to give you a quick update with some news that we are very excited about! We are expecting baby #3, due April 21! Hannah and Luke are very happy to have a baby brother or sister as well.


While this is very exciting and we are very happy, we also ask that you pray for us as it is not as simple as running to the local hospital when the baby is due. Because of the state of healthcare in Papua New Guinea (PNG) our organization does not allow us to deliver here in country. The doctors at our clinic no longer deliver babies because if something were to go wrong during delivery and more extensive medical care were needed for mother and/or baby such medical care is many hours away by small plane, assuming that it is daylight and that weather is good enough to fly.


We are required then to go to our home country or another country that has adequate medical care. We have decided to come back to Southern California to have the baby so that we can be near family. We plan to be in the US from the first week of March through the end of June. Melody’s parents hope to be able to come up from Peru where they work to be able to see us as well. As exciting as all of this is, please pray for us as we try to arrange flights and all the details of travel, with the added costs, etc., as well as for a continued healthy pregnancy.


We are so grateful for each of you who support us through your prayers and/or financially. Please know that your support is an encouragement to us and we are so thankful to have such a wonderful team. We could not be here without you!




Our New Airplane Arrives

We had a very exciting day today.  Our mission received its third Kodiak airplane this afternoon.  We heavily really on our on aviation department to get us around the country and even to places cars can’t go.  So when a new aircraft arrives it’s a huge deal.   The Kodiak is a plane designed for missions; to carry a heavy load and to be able to take off and land on rough airstrips.  This new plane will enable our aviation department to be much more efficient as it moves us, our translators, our computers, and our equipment around the country.


We have had the privilege of already flying in the other two Kodiaks!


We joined together in a circle around this new plane and thanked God for this wonderful blessing.






The Other White Meat

Chicken and especially beef are very expensive here in Papua New Guinea.  So Melody is always trying to figure out creative ways for us to get our protein in.  I was excited to get home this evening and smell stir fry, one of my favorites.  We sat down to eat and Hannah asked, “is this chicken?” Nope…it wasn’t.  It was the other white meat, crocodile.   It is just a little bit tougher than chicken but it still tastes pretty good.  Not to mention it is half the price of chicken at our store!


Now I just have to get over the idea that I’m eating something that could have eaten me.



Translator's Conference

Wow…it’s been a very busy but exciting last couple weeks for me at the Helpdesk!  Last week the PNG Bible Translation Association ( had a conference on our center which meant that nearly 50 laptops came through the helpdesk.  We had to scan them for viruses, setup internet access, install translation software, and install updates on them.  It was great to be able to provide this service to the translators and help them keep their laptops up and running.


Another very exciting thing that happened last week was that we were able to upgrade our center wide internet connection.  I got to learn an incredible amount about satellites and how to repoint and calibrate them….pictures to come.

I don't like snakes...

Our most memorable story from our five weeks of village living goes like this…


One day all of us were sitting in our haus kuk (outdoor kitchen, not really a kitchen just a place where we cook outside over the fire) when one of the men of the village came by and said he had something for us to see.  We got up and walked over by our wasfamili’s house and realized that one of the teenagers was carrying a snake.  At this point it was still alive and was probably about 6 feet long.  It wasn’t a poisonous one.  His mom had found it earlier in the day and had called her boys to come and get it.  I had no desire to get too close but sure enough Melody and Hannah wanted to hold it and take a picture with it.  Hannah held the tail and Melody held the head.  Hannah even asked if she could hold its head, she is definitely more like her Mom than like her Dad.  So after we had taken a few pictures with it we noticed that it had recently eaten something because its belly was big.  We later found out that it was one of the huge, I mean huge, bats that are on the coast of PNG.  I’ll blog about those a little later.  So anyway they told us they were going to cook it and bring us half of it to try.  Melody quickly mentioned that we could try a little bit but didn’t want to take half of their precious snake.  For them snake is one of the best meats in the village.  They don’t eat meat all that often and snake, because it always eats fresh food (unlike pigs), is their number one meat.  So they dried it out first over the fire and then boiled it with ginger.  Later they brought us some and wanted to watch us eat it.  Surprisingly it was pretty good.  It was similar to the dark meat on a chicken but a little tougher.  The best part of it all was that Luke tried it and kept saying “moa snake, moa snake.”  He loved it!

We Are Back!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers! We arrived back at POC on Thursday this week.We had a wonderful time in the village.  We learned a great amount about PNG culture and experienced first hand what life is like in the village. 

Here is a short video that summarizes our time in the village.  We will post some of our stories and pictures when we get back to Ukarumpa on Tuesday.

Thank you again for your prayers.  We couldn't have survived these five weeks without them!

Five weeks of village living here we come!

We are now just two days away from our five weeks of village living. We
have learned so much about Papua New Guinea's culture and trade language,
Tok Pisin, in the last couple months. We have learned how to cook over a
fire, we have swum for over a mile in the ocean, and we have gone on a three
day hike. Most importantly, however, our love for PNG and its people has
grown tremendously. We are looking forwarding to spending these next five
weeks in a village setting and we look forward to the relationships that we
hope to build during that time with our new "wasfamili"--the family who will
look after us during our time there.

Please be praying for our health during our time in the village, for
spiritual vitality, for the relationships that we build, and for our kids to
enjoy themselves.

Thank you again for all of your prayers and for all of your support.

Our Three Day Hike

This past week Melody and I had the opportunity to see more of PNG and go on
a 3 day hike. We slept in two different villages and learned a lot in
regards to what life is like in a village. We had a fun time learning about
some of the traditions and customs of PNG and about the proper way to bathe
in the river/creeks.

Here are a few pictures of us on our hike.
1.) Our hike team with our two guides.
2.) Melody and I resting by a creek.
3.) Me listening to a Papa from one of the villages.
4.) Melody learning how to make a bilum (string bag).
5.) Some kids from the second village we visited.